"A galactic aquarium experience." (This is Star Wars fanfiction for a fan novel in Panhistoria, an online roleplay.)

Welcome to the Royal Icqui Aquaria on Coruscant.

First Floor

Note the jellyfish lamps and the lake in the entrance gallery, surrounded by kinesculptures of aquatic creatures. Billboards float above the water, and phosphorescent fish swim below. Droids stand by to help customize your visit.

One side of the tanks are for walking/ repulsorlift “boats,” and the other is for swimming by the exhibits. If you fly, please look out for walkers or swimmers. If you swim, look out for those swimming above and below.

Droid Services will help you search for what you're looking for:

Guide to the planets

Guide to the Exhibits – 2nd Floor and above

Bright Skies

Cold Regions

Dark Worlds

Deep Oceans

Heavy Gravity

Inner Orbit

Light Gravity

Mud Oceans