"A galactic aquarium experience." (This is Star Wars fanfiction for a fan novel in Panhistoria, an online roleplay.)

Guide to the Planets

Droids can help you customize your visit. Go directly to the planetary exhibits, then pop back if desired.

Planets Mentioned In This Exhibit
Planet Sector Region Coord Type Gravity
Alderaan Alderaan Sector Core M–10 Temperate  
Alluuvia, Methanian Nebula Elrood Sector Outer Rim M–19 Special  
Almas   Expansion P–14 Temperate  
Ando Lambda Sector Mid Rim Q–15 Heavy, temperate & humid  
Arkania   Colonies M–8 Cold  
Baraboo   Cre      
Bimmisaari Halla Sector Mid Rim M–9    
Brentaal IV Bormea Sector Core L–9    
Chadra       Hot  
Corellia Corellian Sector Core M–11 Temperate  
Corsin Greater Plooriod Sector Expansion M–7 Special  
Corulag Bormea Sector Core L–9 Temperate  
Coruscant Coruscant Sector Core 0,0,0 Temperate  
Dac Calamari Sector Outer Rim U–6 Temperate  
Dac – polar regions Calamari Sector Outer Rim U–6 Polar regions  
Dagobah   Outer Rim   Humid, swampy, murky  
Dantooine Raioballo Sector Outer Rim L–4 Temperate  
Dathomir Quelii Sector Outer Rim   Light gravity 90% gravity
Dorumaa, moon of Almas   Expansion P–14 Temperate  
Drexel Lol Sector Outer Rim      
Endor Moddell Sector Outer Rim, Inner Zuma   Light gravity 85% gravity
Ergeshui   Expansion K–15 Hot, humid Heavy
Erysthes       Special, but plant also on temperate world  
Gala       Special  
Goroth Prime Trans-Nebular Sector Mid Rim   Hot, strong magnetic field & lightning storms 98% gravity
Issor Arkanis Sector Outer Rim      
Ithor       Humid  
Jodaka       Special  
Kabal Mayagil Sector Outer Rim      
Kintan, Si'Klaata Cluster Hutt Space Outer Rim S–9 Temperate  
Lannik   Mid Rim      
Manaan   Inner Rim O–11 Heavy, temperate 1.3 gravity
Marca, Marcellus Nebula Meerian Sector Outer Rim N–6 Humid, swamp  
Mimban Circapous Sector Expansion O–12    
Mindor Taspan Sector Inner Rim M–8    
Misnor Meram Sector Outer Rim   Cold  
Muunilinst Obtrexta Sector Outer Rim K–4 Temperate  
Naboo Chommell Sector Mid Rim O–17 Temperate  
Nal Hutta          
Panna Moon Cronese Mandate Sector Outer Rim S–6 Mud Ocean  
Paulking XIV Centrality Outer Rim U–6    
Pavo   Inner Rim N–10 Warm  
Queel Doldur Sector Mid Rim P–15    
Qiilura Qiilura Sector Mid Rim L–7 Temperate  
Rathalay Taldor Sector Mid Rim R–9 Temperate  
Rhinnal Darpa Sector Core   Temperate to arctic  
Rhinnal – polar regions Darpa Sector Core   Polar regions  
Rodia       Light gravity  
Sedri Periphery, the Outer Rim S–8 Temperate  
Selonia Corellian Sector Core M–11 Temperate  
Shador Maerdocian Sector Mid Rim      
Socorro   Outer Rim   Arid  
Somov Rit Onatos Sector Mid Rim   Semi-tropical, swamps, fields, marshes  
Spira Lytton Sector Core L–10 Temperate  
Storthius Churba Sector Mid Rim M–11    
Tapani Sector          
Taratos IV          
Taris   Outer Rim   Temperate  
Thonner Modell Sector Outer Rim   Light gravity  
Toola Nilgaard Sector Outer Rim S–5 Cold  
Toydaria Hutt Space Mid Rim R–11    
Tralus Corellian Sector Core M–11 Temperate  
Utapau Tarabba Sector Outer Rim N–19 Temperate  
Vaynai Chorlian Sector Outer Rim S–4 Temperate (tropical resort)  
Veron, Mektrun Cluster Senex Sector Mid Rim L–17    
Yavin 4 Gordian Reach Sector Outer Rim P–6    
Yavin 8 Gordian Reach Sector Outer Rim P–6    



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