"A galactic aquarium experience." (This is Star Wars fanfiction for a fan novel in Panhistoria, an online roleplay.)

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Directions: Come to Hirkenglade Prefecture.

Information: Water is provided by the Deodum polar pipeline.

Tickets: Admission is 10 credits

Guide to the Planets

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One side of the tanks are for walking/ individual repulsorlift “boats,” and the other is for swimming by the exhibits. There are individual submersibles, too.

As you can see in our aquarium, one side of the tanks is built for walkers and repulsorlift–users, and the other side is for swimmers. If you fly, please look out for walkers or swimmers. If you swim, please look out for those swimming more deeply than you if you are on the surface, or are swimming above you if you are not on the surface.

Repulsorcraft, boats and submersible rentals include:

Aqua-skimmers – these are submersible vehicles from Aquaris. Sorry, they are for the water side only.

Calamari water skimmers – from Dac. Sorry, they are for the water side only.

Mini Gados Floatboats – this repulsorcraft can be used on either side. As the originals from Abregado–rae are 10 meters long, we have mini versions. Mini Gados Floatboats with blaster cannon are available to ride in the Play Area. Blaster cannons are not included in the version used in the exhibit wings.

Mini floatboats – Also from Abregado–rae, these are popular because of the intense array of colors to choose from. We have versions for either side.

Gondola skimmersub – The central sail can collapse if used as a submersible. As it has repulsorsails, we have both land and water versions. This is from Lamaredd.

Hydra craft – Drexel repulsorcraft for use over the surface of water. We have hydra craft for either side. Hydra craft with laser cannons and magnetic grapples are in the Play Area.

Hydrobikes – from Abregado-rae, for use on the water side.

Mini Mon Calamari submersibles – On Mon Calamari, no submersible looks like another, but we have picked the most popular features from many styles. You’ll like the iridescent fish scales.  For use on the water side only. Ones with two arms with pincer claws are in the play area.

Nagaks – These are wide–hulled ships with oars from Tralus in the Corellian system, which are used, often on the Sea of Jarad, with prey that senses powered craft. We have made powered nagaks with decorative oars for the swimming area as well as a hovercraft version for the walking side. 

Mini oevvaor jet catamarans – The Wookiees named this repulsorlift craft after a predatory marine reptile that you can see in the Temperate wing. The originals were first used for sports and fishing and are handmade with wroshyr wood. We have hovercraft and water versions.

Speederboats – From Lamaredd, as these have repulsorlifts, we have made some for the walking side as well

Subskimmers – from Lamaredd, for the water side only.

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Aquatic Shows Arena

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Holomovies and Talks

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Interactive/ Play Area

Ths includes especially interactive exhibits and play areas for adults and children. The Play Area for Children includes the ever popular Mud World where children can walk through simulated mud.

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