"A galactic aquarium experience." (This is Star Wars fanfiction for a fan novel in Panhistoria, an online roleplay.)

The Royal Cafe

Choose from the favorites of each exhibit.

Heavy Gravity Cafe

Hoi-broth – made of premium boiled seaweed and oxidized spices. Since the native Aqualish serve it from tubes, we do too (Ando).

Special Exhibit Cafe

Stuffed Plavonian starfish

Temperate Worlds Café

Calamarian Surpise – made of exosquidra poppets and more (Dac).

Lianna fish sticks – made with lill spice and Choya crumbs. The people of Lianna are known to have a heavy hand with the spice, but we use it sparingly. A favorite with the young ones. (Lianna).

Fried Khasya – (Dac)

Nyork chowder – We make our with freshly shelled nyork clams, a creamy broth, diced protatoes, Ojomian onions, and celonslay.

Nyork in nave leaves (Naboo)

Opee sea killer fillet – grilled with roonan lemon and black hole pepper.

Scalefish fillet – Flaky daggert or Mee fillets fried in aola and served on crunchy sea cabbage from Drexel. Iskalonian tartar sauce on the side.

Somov Rit catfish.

Sulyet – Little slices of raw fish on tikit grain. Choose from nudibranch, the purple coral worm, or nexufish. Purple sourwort garnish. The Quarren of Dac like the fish wriggling, but we can also serve the fish when it has stopped moving. Don’t worry on the nexufish, we have properly trained chefs and it will not poison you (Quarren, Dac).

Salad with red glie salad dressing – considered a delicacy (Naboo)


Crab-stuffed creampuff – a favorite among the denizens of Dac, creampuffs are filled with live crabs. They can be dead upon request (Dac).


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