"A galactic aquarium experience." (This is Star Wars fanfiction for a fan novel in Panhistoria, an online roleplay.)

Deep Oceans


Devilsquid – These very large cephalopods live within the deepest oceans of Dac. Note their salmon–colored skin and their yellow eyes.


Colo claw fish – So big, we only have a hologram of one! Only sando aqua monsters are bigger than these eels, for they average about 40 meters long and they have two rows of bioluminescent nodules along both sides. They have green skin and yellow eyes on their crocodile-like head.

Copeks – Copeks live in the watery core of Naboo.

Sando aqua monster – the largest aquatic mammal in the oceans of Naboo, there are many legends about these terrifying carnivorous animals. They can grow to be 160 – 200 meters long and have a long, almost feline body with legs and massive claws with fins. Their skin is tan and their eyes yellow. Repsented by a hologram.

Sirenians – aren’t these rotund creatures cute? They travel in herds in the deep waterways of Naboo. They have horizontally–oriented flukes and live among the Sando aqua monsters.

Nal Hutta

Fire–kraken – Represented by a hologram, these rare, dangerous creatures have serpent-like tentacles it uses to find and grab its prey.


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