Taverna Makadovia

Greetings, gentlebeings. This page is written for an online roleplay, Panhistoria, specifically for Star Wars fan fiction. My name is Damara, and I am your host.

We have a fine in-dining service with public rooms and private meeting space, as well as a catering service. We specialize in Tapani food with an emphasis on regional food from Pella. As Pella is also home to Ithorians, Rodians, Wookiee, and Mon Calamari, we have some fine dishes from those worlds as well. We have a little shop: the Ayopa

(Note: italicized words refer to dishes and items made up by me)


Appetizers – great for catering


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Main Dishes


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Side Dishes


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Deserts – Pellans are especially known for their deserts!


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Thanks, come again!

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