Edain (Human) Names

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Historic Edain Names - Female
Historic Edain Names - Male

Humans of Dale - Male

Humans of Gondor - Female
Humans of Gondor - Male

Humans of Numenor - Female
Humans of Numenor - Male

Humans of Rohan - Female
Humans of Rohan - Male

Historic Edain Names - Female

Adanel - A wise woman of the House of Marach who shared her widsom with Andreth.

Andreth - A mortal woman, the descendant of Beor the Old, who had many philosophical discussions with Finrod in Morgoth's Ring.

Historic Edain Names - Male

Baran - Great-grandfather of Andreth.

Belemir - Husband of Adanel.

Beor - Founder of the House of Beor.

Boron - Grandfather of Andreth.

Boromir - Father of Andreth.

Bregor - Brother of Andreth.

Hador - Brother of Adanel.

Humans of Dale - Male

Bard - The name of many kings of Dale.

Girion - King of Dale and ancestor of Bard of Dale.

Humans of Gondor - Female

Finduilas - Mother of Boromir and Faramir, Wife of Denethor II. Also the name of the Elven daughter of Orodreth.

Firiel - Daughter of King Ondoher of Gondor and wife of Arvedui of Arthedain. Also the name of a hobbit of the Shire, the daughter of Elanor. The name is Quenya for "mortal-woman".

Ioreth - Eldest woman in the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith.

Lothiriel - Daughter of Imrahil and wife of Eomer of Rohan.

Morwen - Woman of Gondor who married King Thengel of Rohan and became the mother of Theoden and Theodwyn.

Humans of Gondor - Male

Baranor - Father of Beregond.

Beregond - The name of a Ruling Steward of Gondor and the name of a soldier of Gondor during the War of the Ring. The name includes the Sindarin element for "stone".

Bergil - The son of Beregond during the War of the Ring. The name includes the Sindarin name element "gil" or "star".

Boromir - The name of the eleventh Ruling Steward of Gondor and the name of one of the Companions of the Ring.

Castamir - Twenty-second king of Gondor.

Cemendur - Fourth king of Gondor.

Cirion - Twelfth Ruling Steward of Gondor.

Denethor - The name of the tenth and twenty-sixth Ruling Stewards of Gondor.

Derufin - An archer killed at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

Dior - Ninth Ruling Steward of Gondor.

Duilin - Brother to Derufin and fellow archer. Killed at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. The name may be Sindarin for "river-song".

Duinhir - Soldier at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and father of two sons who perished in the same battle. The name is Sindarin for "river-lord".

Ecthelion - The name of the seventeenth and twenty-fifth Ruling Stewards of Gondor. Also the name of an Elf of Gondolin.

Falastur - Twelfth King of Gondor and the first of the Ship-kings. His name is Quenya for "coast-lord".

Faramir - Second son of Denethor II, Steward of Gondor, and husband of Eowyn.

Findegil - A King's Writer who made a copy of the Red Book of Westmarch for the Thain of the Shire.

Hador - Seventh Ruling Steward of Gondor.

Herion - Third Ruling Steward of Gondor.

Hirgon - Messenger of Denethor II. The name is Sindarin for "lord-stone".

Ingold - Soldier of Gondor.

Mablung - A ranger of Ithilien. Also the name of a Elven captain of Thingol. The name means "heavy-hand" in Sindarin.

Turgon - Twenty-fourth Ruling Steward of Gondor.

Humans of Númenor - Female

Ailinel - Sister of Tar-Aldarion

Almarian - Wife of Meneldur

Almiel - Sister of Tar-Aldarion

Ancalimë - 7th ruler and first Ruling Queen of Númenor, daughter of Aldarion and Erendis

Erendis - Lady of the Westlands and wife of Aldarion the Mariner

Inzilbêth - Descendant of Tar-Calmacil and wife of Telemnar. She was secretly one of the Faithful

Irildë - Daughter of Cemendur and sister of Hallatan

Isilmë - Sister of Meneldur

Lindissë - Daughter of Axantur and granddaughter of Nolondil

Lindôrië - Mother of Inzilbêth and descendant of the Lords of Andúnië

Mairen - Daughter of Tar-Amandil

Míriel - Daughter of Tar-Palantir (Inziladûn). She would have ruled as Ruling Queen but Pharazôn, son of Gimilkhâd, forced her to marry him and he took the throne as Ar-Pharazôn

Nessanië - Sister of Hallacar

Núneth - Mother of Erendis

Silmarien - Sister of Meneldur

Telperien - 10th ruler and 2nd Ruling Queen of Númenor

Tindómiel - Daughter of Elros

Vanimeldë - 16th ruler and third Ruling Queen

Vardilmë - Daugher of Vardamir and granddaughter of Elros

Yávien - Daughter of Nolondil and granddaughter of Vardamir

Zamîn - An old country woman of Númenor

Humans of Númenor - Male

Note: The names of the kings may be throne names rather than birth or "right" names.

Adûnakhôr - Adûnaic name of Tar-Herunúmen

Alcarin - 17th king

Amandil - The third king, son of Vardamir

Anardil - King who ruled under the name of Tar-Aldarion, the mariner king

Anarion - Son of Tar-Ancalimë, 8th king of Númenor

Ancalimon - 14th king. During his time the rift between those who followed the king and those who were friends of the Elves widened

Anducal - Tar-Anducal was the name taken by Herucalmo when he briefly took the throne

Ardamin - 19th king

Ardamir - Son of Axantur and grandson of Nolondil

Atanalcar - Son of Elros

Atanamir - 13th king. In his time people first spoke about breaking the ban of the Valar

Aulendil - Son of Vardamir

Axantur - Son of Nolondil and grandson of Vardamir

Beregar - Husband of Núneth and father of Erendis

Caliondo - Son of Eärendur

Calmacil - 18th king

Cemendur - Son of Axantur and ancestor of Hallacar

Ciryatan - 12th king who began to oppress the people of Middle Earth

Eärendur - Son of Tar-Amandil

Elatan - Father of Valandil, Lord of Andúnië

Elendil - Fourth king and son of Tar-Amandil

Falassion - 22nd king, he took an Adûnaic throne name

Gimilkhâd - Younger brother of Tar-Palantir and father Gimilzôr - Adûnaic name of Tar-Telemnar

Hallacar - Husband of Ancalimë and son of Hallatan

Hallatan - Sheep-Lord and kinsman of Tar-Aldarion

Henderch - A sailor

Herucalmo - Husband of Tar-Vanimeldë, who ruled after her as Tar-Anducal

Herunúmen - 20th king, who took the throne under the Adûnaic name of Ar-Adûnakhôr

Hostamir - 21st king, he took an Adûnaic throne name

Inziladûn - Birth name of the 24th king. Inziladûn was a friend of the Elves and he took the throne name of Tar-Palantir.

Irimon - "Right name" of Tar-Meneldur

Isilmo - Second child of Tar-Súrion and father of Tar-Minastir

Malantur - Son of Caliondo and grandson of Eärendur

Mámandil - Name taken by Hallacar when he wooed Ancalimë

Manwendil - Son of Elros

Meneldur - Númenorean scholar and fifth king of Númenor. His birth name was Irimon

Minastir - 11th king and son of Isilmo. Sent aid to Gil-galad in the first war against Sauron

Nolondil - Son of Vardamir

Orchaldor - Husband of Ailinel and father of Soronto

Oromendil - Son of Nolondil and grandson of Vardamir

Pharazôn - 25th and last king of Númenor

Sakalthôr - Adûnaic name of Tar-Falassion

Soronto - Nephew of Tar-Aldarion

Súrion - 9th ruler of Númenor

Telemmaitë - 15th king

Telemnar - 23rd king, he took an Adûnaic throne name, he was a great enemy of those who befriended the Elves

Ulbar - A shepherd

Valandil - Lord of Andúnië

Vardamir - Son of Elros and the second king of Númenor

Vëantur - Father of Almarian, Captain of the King's Ships

Zimrathon - Adûnaic name of Tar-Hostamir

Humans of Rohan - Female

Eowyn - A shield-maiden of Rohan and sister of Eomer, Wife of Faramir, Lady of Ithilien.

Hild - Daughter of Gram, sister of King Helm and mother of King Frealaf. Compare with the female hobbit name, Hilda.

Theodwyn - Mother of Eomer.

Humans of Rohan - Male

Baldor - Son of King Brego.

Brego - Second King of Rohan, father of Baldor.

Brytta - The Eleventh King of Rohan.

Ceorl - A Rider of Rohan.

Deor - Seventh King of Rohan.

Deorwine - Killed in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

Dernhelm - The name used by Eowyn at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

Eomer - Eighteenth King of Rohan.

Eomund - Father of Eomer and Eowyn.

Eorl - First King of Rohan.

Eothain - A man of Rohan.

Fastred - Son of King Folcwine.

Fengel - Fifteenth King of Rohan.

Folca - Thirteenth King of Rohan. Compare with the hobbit name, Folco.

Folcred - Son of King Folcwine.

Folcwine - Fourteenth King of Rohan.

Frea - Fourth King of Rohan.

Frealaf - Tenth King of Rohan.

Galmod - Father of Grima.

Gamling - Leader of soldiers during the War of the Ring.

Garulf - Rode with Eomer.

Gleowine - Theoden's minstrel.

Goldwine - Sixth King of Rohan.

Gram - Eighth King of Rohan.

Grima - Counsellor to King Theoden.

Grimbold - Marshal of Rohan.

Guthlaf - Banner - bearer of Theoden. His name means "survivor of the battle". He died at Pelennor Fields.

Haleth - Son of King Helm. Also the name of a female chief of the Haladin.

Hama - The name of a son of King Helm and the name of a man killed at the Battle of the Hornburg.

Helm - Ninth King of Rohan.

Herubrand - Killed at Pelennor Fields.

Horn - Killed at Pelennor Fields.

Leod - Father of Eorl.

Leofa - Means "beloved" - A nickname for Brytta, King of Rohan.

Thengel - Sixteenth King of Rohan.

Theoden - Seventeenth King of Rohan.


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