The Hall of Time has many rooms that explore worlds of history, science fiction and fantasy.

This was created to support online roleplay at Panhistoria, and originally AncientSites and SciFiVine. We use our research as a jumping off point for online roleplay.


Imaginary Worlds

Stargate - Abydos

Star Wars - Araparoha

Tolkien - Shire of the Hobbits

Historical and Natural Worlds

Virtual Kemet (ancient Egypt)

Shops and Establishments in the Halls of Time

You need to eat in the Hall of Time, right? You have your choice of:

Imaginary Restaurants

Babylon 5 (Babylon 6 in the Panhistoria roleplay)


The Shire

Tower of Mushrooms

Star Trek

Star Wars

Historical Restaurants

Ancient Egypt


18th Century

19th Century

Want to find something to read?


Galactic Book Haven (Babylon 5)

Ibid’s Bookstore (18th century England)


Pr Mdjet (Egyptian)

Piraeus Public Library (Greek)


Daisy’s Rosette Stand (Shire)

House of Yupanqui and Yupanqui Galleria (Star Wars)


Royal Icqui Aquaria (Star Wars)